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Carlos Antonio Perez, better known as “Barlos”, was born on July 6 in Echo Park, CA. As a young adolescent, music played a vital role in his life. His grandfather, Humberto Cane, was a world renowned musician from Sonora Matancera, and a staple of the mambo scene in the early 30s. His passion and ambition grew, and at the age of 16, Barlos decided to pursue his musical career full time. Barlos infuses his Latin jazz roots into hip-hop, formulating a unique style considered his own. Through networking, Barlos was introduced to “F.A.C.E.”, a well known rapper from south-central Los Angeles. F.A.C.E. and Barlos then worked sleepless nights together to create Kush & Caffeine. This created a buzz in the music industry, inspiring them to travel to different parts of Europe and New York in order to engage with larger audiences. While exploring different markets and audiences, they caught the attention of fellow monsters, “Shneaky” and “Sesh.”

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